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PASSOVER - April 8 -->15, 2020

Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is a major Jewish spring festival, celebrating freedom and family as we remember the Exodus from Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. The main observances of this holiday center around a special home service called the seder (meaning "order"), which includes a festive meal; the prohibition on eating chametz (food made with leavened grains, including wheat, barley, rye, oats, and spelt); and the eating of matzah (an unleavened bread made specially for Passover).

On the 15th day of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, Jews gather with family and friends in the evening to read from a book called the Haggadah, meaning "telling," which contains the order of prayers, rituals, readings, and songs for the Passover seder. The Haggadah helps us retell the events of the Exodus, so that each generation may learn and remember this story that is so central to Jewish life and history.

Passover is celebrated for either seven or eight days, depending on family and communal custom. In Israel and for most Reform Jews around the world, Pesach is seven days, but for many other Jews, it is eight days.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the history and rituals (including the 4 Questions) associated with Passover.

CLICK HERE to hear & see Cantor Schechtman sing the  Four Questions.  CLICK HERE for the written version.


* Rob Dorkin's Matzh Brei

* Steve Lerner's Kugel


* Carrot Souffle from Cantor Schechtman
* How To Make 18 Minute Matzah

* Recipes from the URJ - CLICK HERE

Resources To Help Us Get Ready For Passover During Covid-19

* How To Get Ready For Passover During Covid-19

* How to Hold a Passover Seder in the Year of Coronavirus

* How to Host a Virtual Passover Seder

* How to Make Your Virtual Seder Lively, Engaging & Meaningful

* How Different Will This Night Be:  10 Tips for Your Virtual Seder by Dr. Ron Wolfson

* How To Host a Meaningful Solo Passover Seder

* Seder 2020 - Everything you need for a virtual seder, in one place.  Host your own Seder or search for one to join!

* Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Haggadah - You can print off your own haggadah and send the link to your seder participants to do the same.

* - Make your own Passover Haggadah or download one that someone else made.

*CLICK HERE for a vimeo of Cantor Schechtman singing the 4 Questions. 
  CLICK HERE for a copy of the 4 Questions.

*CLICK HERE for a vimeo of Cantor Schechtman singing "Jazzy Order of the Seder"
  CLICK HERE for a copy of the song, "Jazzy Order of the Seder"

*Rabbi Shpeen Reading a Fun Passover Book - "Only Nine Chairs"

* Shara reading "Matzah Man Story"
* Shara reading "Mouse in the Matzah Factory"

* Where to Find Songs for Your Passover Seder

* Celebrating Passover with Shalom Sesame:  The Story of the Exodus

* Lotsa Lotsa Matsa - Passover Kids' Song on YouTube

* 8 Passover Activities For Your Family That Everyone Will Want To Do

* CLICK HERE for directions on how to set up a Zoom account.  Questions?  Contact Lita


Fri, December 4 2020 18 Kislev 5781