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Our Ethics Code

Congregation Beth Emeth (CBE) is an inclusive congregation that demonstrates respect for the needs of all. Through worship, learning and social justice, we strive to better ourselves, our community, and the world. We strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of justice, which include personal integrity, social responsibility, and human decency. The following Code of Ethics is based in Jewish values for behavior in our congregational community. It sets forth the guiding principles and expectations for standards of conduct for the interaction of our congregants with clergy, staff, guests, and other congregants while participating in a CBE related activity in the building, online, or offsite. 


CBE believes that everyone entering our sacred space has the right to be safe and respected. 

• We welcome everyone without regard to religious background, age, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, or socioeconomic status. 

• We treat everyone with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion. 

• We do not condone sexual harassment, including unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and any and all other verbal, physical, written, or visual conduct of a sexual nature. 

• We do not condone intimidation, retaliation, offensive or abusive behavior, or creation of a hostile environment or atmosphere. 

• We do not condone any humiliating, oppressing, degrading, or bullying behavior, including verbal, physical or cyberbullying. 


CBE expects that all who engage in our community will conduct themselves with integrity and in an honest manner. 

• We act solely in the best interest of CBE when acting on its behalf. 

• We refrain from using one’s position at CBE for personal advantage, gain, or benefit. • We do not engage in favoritism, nepotism, or bribery in any context. • We conduct financial matters related to CBE with complete honesty and transparency. • We represent CBE as lay leaders in a moral, ethical, and legal manner. 

• We protect the confidentiality of privileged information, either about an individual or CBE. 

CBE shall not retaliate against any individual raising a concern or allegation of unethical behavior. Retaliation may be deemed a violation of our Code of Ethics. 

This Code of Ethics is an evolving framework guide which cannot address every situation or contingency; a level of common sense and good judgment is expected from all. The Code of Ethics shall always strive to align with the CBE Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, Brit Avodah and any other relevant Ethics Accountability documents that may be in force. To ensure that the Code of Ethics is implemented effectively, the Executive Committee shall ensure that the Executive Director, in consultation with the CBE President and Clergy, set forth, as soon as reasonably practicable, in writing the necessary procedures to address: a. any allegations of violations of the Code of Ethics; b. how to effectively implement the Code of Ethics; and c. how to communicate, as deemed appropriate, its existence to the larger CBE community. 

This Code of Ethics should be reviewed at least once a year and updated periodically, if necessary. The Code of Ethics Procedures also should be reviewed at least once a year and revised if necessary to reflect and support the Code of Ethics.

Adopted/approved by the CBE Board of Trustees on Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784